5 Trends That Are Changing the Face of Out of Home Advertising

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Technology development is rapidly changing the lives of individuals and entering virtually every sphere of business. The face of advertising is significantly influenced by the latest technological innovations that are being applied in order to make the ad campaigns more effective for advertisers and bring more value to the consumers. So what are the trends in advertising and what to expect in the nearest future?

DOOH gets more popular…

More and more digital screens are quickly appearing in versatile locations to satisfy the growing demand for this convenient and cost-effective medium. Compared to the traditional billboards or other print ads, digital signage is so much easier to switch, and it requires less resources. Moreover, digital LED screens are getting more affordable, which is another factor that adds to the growing popularity of the digital out of home.

… hyper targeted and contextual

Advertisers are taking advantage of the software that can collect data about the audience, like the number of spectators, their gender, age, type of vehicle etc. Installed on the digital displays, such software enables changing ads depending on the specific audience, which allows precise targeting that consequently makes ads much more effective. Similarly, technology ensures displaying relevant messages depending on the surrounding conditions like weather, location, traffic, CRM data etc.


The use of low-energy beacons makes it possible to collect detailed information about how, when and where the consumers are engaging with their immediate surroundings and understand their behaviour better. The digital media owners will be able to offer these insights to their clients to make their promotion maximally relevant and effective.


The beacons are a game changer when it comes to connecting out of home advertising with communication platforms like mobile. Using the collected big data and technology allows leveraging the power of mobile which is connecting the world today to deliver timely and well targeted messages to the mobile users. Campaigns using mobile audio content linked to the DOOH displays are a illustrative of the idea, which is on the rise today.

… useful

In numerous cities in Europe and the USA some digital signage is combined with Wi-Fi, device charging facilities, facial recognition, touchscreens offering digital self-service like maps, ticket sales etc. Advertisers are getting more opportunities to promote their brand through such installations while being truly useful to their audience and this certainly works to their benefit.

As you can see, the trends are primarily focused on the digital signage innovations, which are moving ahead at the rapid pace. Nevertheless, static out of home ads are still relevant and effective, and virtually indispensable for any kind of an advertising campaign.

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