5 Reasons Advertising is Indispensable for Your Business Growth

“Advertising is a contest for people’s attention”

Seth Godin

Some people still believe that great products don’t need advertising, as happy customers’ recommendations are the best “ads”. Still others don’t understand why they should invest in advertising when there are so many other ways to promote a business – from social networks to blogging, cold calling to organizing events etc.

But what about the new businesses that have no customers yet to spread the word? Or what about the competitors who can be successfull using the lack of promo for your business for their own benefit? Well, there are a number of reasons advertising is necessary for any business that aspires to grow and develop. The key ones are presented below.

Come to the spotlight

Advertising is an effective way to communicate your message to the target audience. Whether it’s a new product line, an award, or a new promo – this is how you can spread the word among all of your potential customers in a short time and attract lots of attention to your offer.

Stand out of the competition

Advertising serves as a major force in differentiating a product, branding and building market share. You’re virtually unlimited in the ways of expression that allows creating shareable ads that can not only shift the focus towards your business, but also are likely to make the audience perceive your brand as a flourishing one that will not take long to reflect on your ROI.

Show off your advantages

Why should you wait till the customers evaluate how awesome your product is? You have an ultimate way of letting them know via running ads. This gives you freedom in highlighting the best and most prominent features of your offer, as no one is better aware of them than you are. Make sure, however, that you stick to the facts and can provide clear evidence for every statement, otherwise it can lead to very disappointing consequences.

Create awareness and offer solutions

Advertising is a great medium that helps to identify certain problems or inconveniences among your target audience which they may be not quite aware of. This is a two steps process, because the ad immediately demonstrates how the issue can be solved thanks to your product and its numerous benefits and use cases.

Retain attention

It is a common mistake among businesses to cut down on advertising expenditures or stop them all together when the things go well. It is a destructive strategy, because constantly reminding your potential customers about your business is essential for continuous growth. If you fail to take the place at the forefront of a customer’s mind, someone else will. No matter which form of advertising you will use (combination of different types works great), it should be done on a constant basis for your existing customers to know you’re still around, and the new ones to consider you as an option.

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