Starting an Effective Digital Out of Home Advertising Campaign: Points to Consider

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Did you know that according to a recent campaign by OAAA, out of home advertising has been proved to be a 100% viewable medium? This percentage looks even more impressive when you compare OOH to the highly popular digital advertising on the Internet, which, no matter how versatile and easy to manage, is easy to block/turn off/mute as well.

Digital signage or digital out of home advertising is the kind of promotion that combines the advantages of both traditional OOH and digital ads. Apart from being extremely flexible and cost effective, this type of advertising features an impressive audience reach and is growing fast. According to Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, DOOH is expected to claim a 40% share of total out-of-home advertising spending in 2017, which means 9% growth compared to 31% in 2015.

Digital signage infrastructure is expanding, and this allows creating smart, well targeted and agile campaigns using context to your benefit. Unlike static OOH, digital screens allow managing your campaigns in real time, changing the message as often as you like, adjusting to the situation.

It would be a fatal mistake to fail to leverage the power of digital OOH, therefore we have put together the tips and recommendations on making the most out of your future digital OOH ads campaign.

  • Choose locations wisely

While the high-frequency locations where thousands of consumers go daily (like supermarkets, retail venues etc) are promising in terms of wide audience reach and brand awareness increase, placing ads near specialty locations closely related to your product/service work to present it to your target consumers.

  • Differentiate and educate

Your ad campaign should work to make your brand stand out. The experts recommend integrating corporate advertising with promoting special offers. Moreover, your ads should bring value to the consumers, educating them on the peculiar features, use cases or advantages of your product.

  • Go for centralized ads management

Having one partner instead of a few to manage your digital signage program centrally can make a big difference in the whole campaign. It allows fast and seamless deployment, quick fixes in case of any troubles, and instant updates that are vital for your campaign success. Our online solution – Tracklam offers exactly this kind of service to advertisers, and even more – it allows creating out of home advertising campaigns along with transit, TV and radio ads right within your profile, picking the most promising locations and receiving the detailed progress reports.

All in all, by combining different types of ads and leveraging the power of digital signage, which has a lot of potential yet uncovered, and endless possibilities to communicate your message to the right audience, at the right time, you will create a campaign doomed to success.