5 Reasons Why Your Business Benefits from Out of Home Advertising

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“Out of home ads are so old school – everybody is going online, and this is where ads should be placed too”- it is one of the huge misconceptions that can cost companies millions of dollars of lost revenue. While it is true that people are increasingly using gadgets and Internet to shop, work, socialize, luckily, all of these things mostly happen away from the screen, and – away from the home. Almost everyone is still spending much time out every day, which means, you need to be there with your message, too.

Why OOH ads are alive and kicking?

The high relevance and popularity of out of home advertising compared to online ads are only natural, taken into account the following reasons for it.

1. It remains fully under your control

This is the only kind of advertising that totally depends on the advertiser, not the audience, since no one can scroll down a billboard, block transit ads or fast forward digital signage in a retail center. That said, such ads are unintrusive and are seldom complained about by consumers, unlike TV commercials or pop ups. Therefore, placing an outdoor ad, you can be 100% sure that it will be seen and communicate its message to a wide audience.

 2. It is noticeable

According to “The Customer Journey” research by Outdoor Media Center, 2012, out of home ads are one of the most memorable ones, preceded only by TV commercials. This means, that people do pay attention to what they see when they’re moving about, and even if they simply register your brand once glancing at the billboard again, it is worthwhile.  

3. It is cost effective

Outdoor advertising is one of the most affordable options, which can also boast a high conversion rate. Consumers don’t have to read an email, turn on a TV or perform any kind of other action to see the ad which works to its benefit.

4. It is versatile

Out of home ads can be presented in a big variety of ways, from billboards and citylights to digital video screens, transit advertising, wallscapes etc. Advertisers are free to pick the media formats that work best for them.

5. It just works

According to an Arbitron study, over 50% of billboard viewers actually paid attention to the message there and learned about new events, restaurants or were tempted to share the funny things they saw. Imagining how many people can potentially view such ads, it becomes clear that they are a good investment.

Final remarks

We would like to point out that it is up to an advertiser to define the type of ads to address their audience. In most cases, it is the combination of different ad formats that produce the best effect.

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