A New Online Solution for Digital Signage Network Operators

Whether for a media buying company, or an independent digital signage network operator, the process of finding customers and leasing their outdoor and indoor media carriers and ad faces tends to be quite complex. You’ve got to compete with other alike companies/operators and take pains to win another customer and ad placement.

If your company is willing to move forward and interested in alternative ways of gaining new customers, pay attention to the new tool with the potential to boost your efficiency.  

Meet Tracklam.com – a unique online service that connects advertisers and ad publishers/signage operators and enables them to close deals without the need to step outside their homes or offices. You might be wondering, what is there so exciting about this tool as it looks like an ordinary ad network. The thing is, Tracklam is an online ad network for out of home ads including digital signage in retail venues and public transport, billboards, TV and radio commercials, print ads etc.

How do advertisement operators benefit from using Tracklam?

  • Another channel for gaining new clients

All it takes is register your Tracklam account and list the available ad faces. Thanks to the convenient interface and the ability to start out of home advertising campaigns online, your potential clients won’t take long to find you and place their ads request using the service.

  1. Remote management of out of home video and audio ad platforms

Tracklam lets you easily control the indoor digital advertisements, as well as transit, radio and TV ads right from your PC. It offers software and hardware to add functionality or widgets to your ad platforms, both fixed position and mobile, plus a ready solution for public transport digital ads.

  1. Detailed advertisement statistics

Utilizing Tracklam provides you with access to detailed statistics on each ad face, including the overall duration, number of views, cost, time and date. With this data at hand, you’ll be able to calculate your real profit and predict the potential one. Moreover, these precise reports will help you discover the trends concerning which ad formats and locations are the most profitable and which are underperforming.

  1. Personal manager to handle campaigns

You might be already busy dealing with numerous customers, but unwilling to lose an opportunity to boost your efficiency and increase the client base with Tracklam. Well, the great news is, there’s a convenient feature of hiring a personal manager who will control your ad faces and available to respond to customer requests through the service.

All in all, this was just a brief overview of a very promising tool useful for the advertising industry. Sign up for Tracklam and start leveraging its power before your competitors do!