Tracklam – a Revolutionary Online Service for Running Offline Advertising Campaigns

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Today, there are few businesses that aren’t investing in advertising. Companies are spending billions of dollars for ads campaigns, realizing the great potential they provide. Advertising presents an excellent opportunity to appeal to multiple demographic groups at the same time and is often one of the best ways to introduce a brand/product to its target audience. Aside from being an effective means of increasing brand awareness and helping businesses to stand apart from competitors, advertising helps create and demonstrate the value proposition. This is a great way of showing potential customers how their problems can be solved with/by a certain product/service.

With the rapid growth of online presence and activity globally, digital advertising keeps increasing its market share. As the research shows, internet advertising costs are about to reach 36,9% of all advertising expenditure in the end of 2017. There are good reasons for this as online ads are highly trackable, extremely versatile and can be conveniently handled even from one’s home PC.

In spite of this trend, the rest – 63% of advertising expenditures will be left for physical world ads – TV and radio commercials, outdoor and indoor media, public transport and supermarket screens, print media etc. One of their strengths that beats Internet ads is being not so easy to block (although many people would be happy to use something like an AdBlocker in the physical world) Another serious advantage of offline advertising is an extensive market reach and the opportunity to cover virtually all possible customer segments.

Compared to starting and running Internet ads campaigns, offline advertisements typically require more time and efforts, especially so for businesses unwilling to hire an advertising agency. The need to work with numerous companies providing different kinds of outdoor and indoor ad services and tracking each of them are the factors stopping certain companies from leveraging the power of advertising.

But how much different the situation might be for such businesses if there was a chance one not only could create an offline advertising campaign without leaving their computer, but also fully control, edit and track its success online? This is actually made possible with Tracklam – the unique online service for creating and running ad campaigns.

What does Tracklam do?

In short, this tool lets advertisers create their offline ad network by selecting where to place ads, right within its interface.

Where can you place ads with Tracklam?

At present, the following options are available: public transport screens, billboards, supermarket screens, TV and radio commercials, print advertisements in different cities of Poland and Ukraine. Tracklam is being developed at an unbelievably rapid pace, so in the nearest future, its users will be able to create ad campaigns in any country.

What makes Tracklam special?

Tracklam is a great time and effort saver that makes creating out of home ad campaigns much easier. User reviews feature makes picking the most promising platforms for placing ads a lot more efficient even for newbies. Other than that, it offers valuable features for those who are too busy to do everything by themselves. This service lets you opt for a personal manager who will handle the campaigns for you. There’s also a very convenient feature of having the ads content created by a skilled professional.

Basically, Tracklam makes placing advertisements offline as easily attainable as the digital ones, and lets even non professionals try and succeed in it. Make sure your company doesn’t miss out on this marvelous opportunity – sign up for Tracklam right now and make your business known to the world in just a few clicks.