What Makes Advertisers Prefer Ad Networks Over Advertising Agencies?

Companies often are at a loss when it comes to advertising their product/services, knowing not where to start and get help. Advertising agencies naturally appear the right solution, as they are ready to take over the promo and let businesses focus on what they know how to do. Nevertheless, agencies are not the only option, and today, our post will deal with an alternative to advertising agencies – namely, the advantages of using ad networks.

What is an ad network? According to Wikipedia it is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand.

Key benefits of ad networks over advertising agencies

1. Extensive reach

Usually, advertising networks work with numerous publishers willing to sell their media space, and their versatility in most cases exceeds the number of options that ad agencies can offer. This allows placing ads not only in the most popular locations, but also in the promising yet not cluttered sites, where they can really stand apart.

2. Cost-effectiveness

The expertise and skills of the advertising agents come at a price, therefore many companies, especially startups, simply cannot afford employing an ad agency for their promotion. An ad network with its competitive pricing is quite a viable solution in this case.

3. Full control over a campaign

No one knows the product from the inside out better than its creators. So, when businesses take over running an advertising campaign via a reputable ad network, they get full access to producing audio and visual materials and then to each bit of data on their performance. Ad networks provide the tools necessary to immediately react in order to minimize any waste of resources and replace underperforming ads.

4. Efficiency

Ad network is an ultimate choice when a company doesn’t want to spend a fortune on ad agency’s services, but cannot allocate enough resources to handpick the media and then negotiate and purchase ad placements directly from the publishers, manage the metrics etc. The network does all the heavy lifting and lets significantly save time for starting and running the campaign.

5. Minimized risk of ideas/plans leakage

In the worst scenario of working with an ad agency, some details of your campaign may become known before its launch, to the benefit of your competitors. This happens once in a blue moon, but, as the saying goes, “Forewarned – forearmed”.

Well, definitely, there are risks and disadvantages to using ad networks. For instance, lack of experience resulting in poor performance, certain amount of time needed to master the basics of work with the network, lack of expertise for planning and launching the campaign etc. Well, the effort and patience you put into getting the hang of the ad network once will certainly pay off in all your campaigns.

Great news for advertisers and out of home ads publishers

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