Key Tips for Creating A Video Ad That Works

The most popular variants of placing video ads are Internet, TV, public transport (LCD screens), LED billboards by the road in high traffic spots and digital screens in venues with lots of traffic or people, like trade centers. Before you start creating a video ad, make sure you have a proper plan in place and know exactly what message you want to communicate to your audience. But – first things first. Let us look through the top tips on creating a memorable and successful video advertisement.

Start with a plan

There’s no way you act on a whim or do what you “feel is right”. Since you’re going to invest into this video ad creation and pay for its demonstration, a proper planning is the most important step towards success. You can use the following questions as the foundation:

  1. Should the video introduce your services, promote a new product or service or improve brand awareness?
  2. For what channel (Internet, outdoor etc) is the video intended?
  3. How can your product or service help to solve customers’ issue?
  4. What benefits/peculiarities of your product/brand the video should emphasize on?
  5. Would you like/Can you use your customers’ testimonials in the ad?

Be brief

Even though typically, there are no time limits for digital video ads (unlike TV commercials), don’t succumb to the temptation and squeeze every possible detail into the video, resulting in a long ad no one’s ever going to watch till the end. If you’re lucky to grab your audience attention,  be concise and clear. Depending on the medium you’re going to use, the length of a video can vary from 10 seconds on LED video billboards to 120 seconds online.

Make a great beginning

You’ve got about 3 seconds to grab or lose the attention of your potential customer. People are so used to seeing ads they don’t even register them unless something strikes them. Do your best to create a catchy beginning that’ll entice your audience watch the video till the end. Share useful info, use creative visuals, ask a relevant question – do whatever it takes not to blend in and be skipped right away.

Use powerful visuals

Since many times users would just mute the ads online, or can fail to hear the audio because of the noise around, it is vital that your video message is clear without the audio. It also applies to LED billboards that produce no sound and just show the visuals.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action is typically placed at the end of a video advertisement, and it virtually shows the audience what are their next steps after watching the ad. It is especially important for online video ads that are a gateway to a website for the new visitors. A special offer or a discount can be a great motivation for your spectators to make further steps.


Video advertising is a very promising branch and there’s much room for growth, especially the outdoor video ads. There’s no need to spend a fortune on creating a shareable and attention grabbing advertisement, with the right technologies and passion for what you’re doing. The tips above don’t guarantee success, but they at least put you on the way towards it.

When you’re done with the creation part, use ad network to distribute your video ad. It offers convenient online interface and reporting for creating and managing  out-of-home advertising campaigns.