Brilliant Ads That Make The World a Better Place

Typically, ads are very unwelcome among the consumers, being perceived as distractions, manipulations or a waste of time. But nevertheless, advertising is a must for most companies that are striving for success and looking to extend their clientele.

Marketers have found a perfect way out – instead of seizing their advertising efforts so that not to annoy the audience, they have made their ads useful – and welcome. The most brilliant examples can be found right below.

Tiger beer + Graviky Labs: The Global Tiger Air-Ink™ Project

This is a champion in the category of ads that make the world a better place to live. Tiger takes it (and makes it) literally. They are now using the innovative technologies that gather air pollutants and recycle them into ink (which is totally safe). Tiger has created a series of billboards painted with the very Air ink, and uses the technology for its own vehicles, attracting the attention to the great solution of a serious environmental problem.

Caribou Coffee Hot ‘n Wholesome Campaign

The coffee chain Caribou Coffee found a smart (and useful) way to market their new breakfast menu – Hot ‘n Wholesome. They turned several bus shelters in Minneapolis into ovens not only by appearance. They had actual heating elements on the roof, to warm up the commuters.


COA Youth & Family Centers Campaign


Milwaukee-based COA Youth & Family Centers campaign is aimed at raising parents’ awareness of the great impact their involvement can have upon their child’s education and success at school. Using different kinds of interactive displays, they demonstrate that learning together with kids is fun – and very rewarding.

Kit-Kat – No WiFi Campaign

Reflecting its slogan, “Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat”, the Kit-Kat’s campaign offers no WiFi zones in Amsterdam. Unlike all possible spots providing free WiFi, the zones block WiFi signal within the radius of 5 meters, stressing the importance of staying connected to your close ones “live” instead of through gadgets.


UTEC – ‘Ingenuity in Action’ – water generating billboard

Sounds totally incredible, yet it’s real –  Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología (UTEC), Peru has created a billboard capable of producing water out of air humidity to promote its admissions process. Aside from putting to life its slogan – “Ingenuity in Action” and attracting the attention of potential students, the billboard produces 96 liters of drinking water per day, which is very valuable for the community living in one of the driest places on the Earth.

Purell campaign – Keep Germs Away from Others

A company producing hand sanitizers faces the great challenge most people take daily – keeping the germs away on the public transport. They present branded “wraps” on the subway poles with layers that can be peeled off, thus providing the clean surface.


Above, most of the ads are very creative guerilla marketing examples that aren’t that expensive in terms of money, yet can pay off extremely well. No doubt, the idea about your own ‘out-of-the-box’ campaign that can change the world has already sparked in your mind.

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