Advertising to Millennials: How to Do it Right?


Only 2% of millennials switch the channel during ads, yet they demonstrate very low memorability rate. Their purchasing is stimulated by the promos, yet this generation isn’t ready to pay for products that aren’t of value – according to Nielsen’s  The Millennials on Millennials Report.

Just in case you started wondering who are the millennials and why you should bother about getting their specific attention, let us explain.

Millenials are the people born between 1982 and 2004, which means, they are aged between 36 and 14 now. It is clear that this is a huge group of people (25% of the American population) who are no longer students, but the ones with power, education, and hard earned money to spend. They make up the most of the workforce and the voting population. And this is exactly why appealing to millenials and winning their loyalty is one of the most pressing challenges companies face.

Ways to influence millennials through advertising

Avoid aggressive selling

Millennials are the generation better immune to advertising than any other. They don’t trust ads that explicitly sell to them. Instead, providing relevant info adding value to your advertising efforts can be the most essential steps on your road to success. Famous brands like L’oreal, Prada, Chanel already collaborate with influential bloggers or industry leaders to share information about their products and make it seem like no advertising at all. This requires deep knowledge of your audience, which brings us to the next point.

Go social

Engagement is the cornerstone of winning millennials’ trust. They have been born and live in the era of technologies and used to having access to any information, whenever needed. They feel at home in social networks and sharing info with others is quite natural for them. So, it is imperative that your social media presence isn’t simply “being there”. It is an awesome way to start a conversation with your audience and keep it going.

Use omnichannel ad campaigns

Millenials are the generation of multitaskers. They continuously divide their attention between several activities, switch between devices and brands can use it to their advantage to extend the reach, making audience stumble upon their ads through multiple media channels, both digital and offline, social media being one of the most powerful ones.

Use word-of-mouth marketing

Millennials have such a multitude of choices through technology, that their purchasing decisions are mostly influenced by the feedback from others. Hubspot survey shows that 70% of millennials read online reviews before purchasing a product. Only 6% of them trusts online ads, but 95% of them are likely to engage with a brand that has been recommended by their close people.

It might be a good idea to utilize user’s reviews in your advertising strategy – showcase them in the ads content or show on the company website – in order to prove your credibility.

Don’t neglect coupons and promos

Millenials are careful about the money and willing to cut down costs when possible, so designing promotions and giving out coupons is a sure way to attract clientele. Make sure, however, that your offer really is of value.

Be transparent

Rather than pushing your product and showing how awesome it is, let your target audience decide and show they can trust you. Why not demonstrate your production process or share some details proving your product is worth the money?

All in all, looks like millennials aren’t the demographics easy to sell to, but the coin has two sides. Once you win their trust and loyalty, they will be gladly spreading the word and recommending your brand to family and friends. Being honest, staying authentic and showing you really care can make the world of difference to your advertising and marketing efforts directed at millennials.

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