5(+1) Must-See Video Commercials of 2017

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As the New 2018 Year is approaching, everyone is summing up and reviewing the 2017 and its achievements. Numerous ratings and charts are being compiled in various industries to show the biggest wins and fails of the passing year.

We join the tide and have a special treat for our readers. Since we’ve already written much about video ads trends, secrets of their success, tips and expert recommendations, it’s high time we saw all of this in action. So, enjoy the best, most viewed, most creative and thought-provoking video ads of 2017 from the biggest players of the industry.

1. Samsung India service (SVC) – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are. #SamsungService

Aside from showing that Samsung is ready to provide technical support in the remotest areas of the country, the ad strikes an emotional chord, which has made it #1 ad on YouTube in 2017 with over 150 million views.

2. Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Campaign: “Daughter”

Audi raises an important issue of feminism and gender equality in its ad. The ad spurs living the life without sexist prejudices, making it more than a promo, and this must be the clue to its campaign success.

3. Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” 2017


Kia went further than an ad, shooting a kind of mini movie starring Melissa McCarthy, a famous comedy actress. Her character in the ad is reckless and wants to save the nature, but it turns out to be not so friendly. The celebrity and an entertaining character of the ad are the factors that drive more and more views.

4. MISS DIOR – The new Eau de Parfum

Dior sticks to its tradition of celebrities starring in its ads. This time, it is Natalie Portman, who is shown in various situations, moods and roles. The message “What would you do for love?”must have resonated with the female part of the audience, and made the ad one of the most popular on YouTube in 2017.

5. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect (sponsored by Oreo)

Showing a trick that features a giant Oreo, and no typical promotional elements, the video has already over 90 million views on YouTube.

Note: Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group with 24 million subscribers (as of December, 2017), and their channel is #1 subscribed sports channel on YouTube.

+1 Big Fail of 2017 – PEPSI Commercial with Kendall Jenner

If you are starting to believe that a world famous celebrity-featuring ad is doomed to success, this Pepsy video is going to bust this misconception. Even though the whole idea was to show social protests and call to join the conversation, the ad ended up being one of the most mocked commercials out there.

Consumers perceived that the ad showing how a can of Pepsi can easily solve problems of the street is trivializing the issues, and making them seem less serious.

On the one hand, the commercial got lots of views and shares, which made it really popular, but on the other hand – numerous negative reviews will clearly reflect on the brand image.

Final remarks

Looks like, direct promotion in the commercials has given way to showing social issues, entertaining elements and the trend that never goes out of fashion – featuring celebrities. Even if you cannot afford to have Madonna shoot in your video ad, there’s much space for creativity. If you manage to trigger an emotional response and make your commercial memorable, you’re halfway down on the road to success.

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