4 Do’s for Impressive and Effective OOH Campaigns in 2018


According to a recent Magna Global studies, OOH advertising revenue is about to increase by 3% in 2018. The number doesn’t sound impressive at all till you discover another projection – OOH is the only offline media apart from TV that’s expected to get an increased revenue, while other media like radio or print ads are believed to see a decline.

Well, if you look at other stats and facts, it becomes clear why OOH is still relevant (to say the least).

  • there’s no ad blocking
  • there are tons of formats and their combinations to communicate your message
  • digital OOH technologies enable precise data driven targeting, responsive and mobile campaigns that can compare to the possibilities of online advertising
  • there are solutions available for every budget
  • DOOH is more and more often a part of  integrated campaigns linked to online media
  • OOH and especially digital signage provides an opportunity to reach young urban citizens who are virtually impossible to reach through traditional media.

Apparently, OOH is no longer the “fate” of the businesses with a shoestring budget. It is an integral part of any campaign and a very promising media taken the expanding digitalization. In view of the latest trends in OOH advertising and global stats, we’ve put together some recommendations if you want your OOH advertising efforts to be doomed for success.

Do’s to get the most out of your OOH advertising:

1. Do invest in OOH automation tools/platforms

As technologies evolve, advertisers get access to new services (our post dealing with some of them is right here) that automate the processes of booking, purchasing and placing ads. This not only improves effectiveness and saves time, but also lets react to changes in audience, conditions, events and other factors that can influence a campaign.

TRACKLAM is one of helpful automation services, allowing advertisers to quickly and easily launch any ad campaign from a convenient online interface, booking all types of media and platforms in a mouse click.

2. Do use mobile integration

It’s no secret that people are obsessed with their smartphones, spending 69% of their media time on mobile devices. This creates a huge market, which OOH can help to take over this year.

Nielsen study conducted in the end of 2017, found that OOH demonstrates the highest rate of triggering online activity among other offline media and surpasses even online banner adverts.

Modern media carriers provide mobile GPS tracking which makes targeting a lot more informed and accurate, and enables measurement of campaign effectiveness.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity and use cross-channel campaigns that combine OOH and mobile ads (usually location-based).

3. Do go digital

This year, 18% of total OOH ad spend is expected to be for digital OOH. Digital screens are providing incredible versatility and, along with different types of the available data they allow serving tailored content and placing ads of various formats in different venues like shopping malls, transport, bus shelters, stations, creating digital billboards etc.

Digital OOH is the future and it’s definitely worth the investments if you want a more meaningful conversation with your audience.

4. Do use contextual and dynamic messages

Research shows that dynamic campaigns bring brands an average of 15% increase in brand metrics, which is the result of providing better experience and context related messages for the target audience in the right location and at the right moment.

Today, companies are looking for more than displaying the content based upon weather or location data, and, though it requires both time and financial resources, contextual dynamic campaigns will pay off well.

All in all, companies are steadily distancing themselves from targeting as big audience as possible and focus on engaging as many people from their target audience as possible instead. The latest developments in OOH make this task not only attainable, but very effective, so don’t underestimate the power of OOH and do explore the new possibilities it brings.