Tips on Choosing the Right Advertising Medium for Your Business

The only way you are ever going to find out what works best for your business or product is by testing different advertising mediums and messages. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should just do the guesswork. Actually, there are a couple of things to help direct your efforts.

1. Expensive ≠ effective

According to the Wharton School of Business research on the ROI of advertising that involved tracking numerous small businesses for over 7 years, the amount of money invested into an ad campaign doesn’t correlate with its results. Therefore, spending a fortune for ads can bring poor results and vice versa.

2. Your message is of foremost importance

What really matters for the success of your ad campaign is the message you are communicating through it. If you believe that ads are just about getting your name out, be ready to be confused with lots of other similar companies. The message that is going to resonate with your target audience should focus on their needs rather than listing your advantages. The recipe for success here would be to know your potential consumers, speak their language and use the ways of expressing yourself that would make your ad memorable and shareable.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat

If you want to keep a constant surge of customers coming in, rolling out a campaign for a few months and then folding it once the things are getting better would mean wasting most of your efforts. Once you’ve defined the message that triggers the necessary response from your audience, repetition is a must. The Wharton research has found that constantly delivering the right message leads to double business growth in the second year compared to the first year, and triple growth in the third year. Impressive, right?

The question that naturally arises in your mind at this point must in all probability be “So, which advertising medium do I use once I’ve defined the message?” The frame of reference can be found below, since no definite answer to this question can be given.


Have an extensive reach and and are one of the most cost effective advertising media. But you should be content with a picture and a few words only.

Transit advertising

Quite affordable and great to catch the attention of the audience on the go that can be hardly reached through more traditional ad media, like students.

Digital signage

Usually placed in the highly populated venues like trade centers or supermarkets, video screens allow a relatively wide reach for a competitive cost. Consider placing your ads nearby your points of sale to drive more purchases.

Radio ads

The second most cost effective type of ads while reaching a great audience. Precise geographic targeting is not among its strengths, but if your service or product isn’t limited to a specific location, it is a great way to spread the word.


Really impressive reach, and impressively expensive, especially the national channels. Great for big businesses aiming for the whole country, but for smaller businesses such investments aren’t likely to bring the equal benefit, so small local channels might be a better bet.


Suitable for reaching customers who are looking for your product or service. Those who aren’t interested are less likely to pay attention to your ad in this medium.


Very precise targeting, but comes at a price. Make sure you repeat often enough for the ultimate effect.

Wrapping up

It is recommended to test each of the suitable advertising types before rolling out a full campaign that will include a combination of several media that work best specifically for you business. If you want to have all stats at your fingertips in a few clicks, consider Tracklam – online service for offline and out-of-home advertising.