11 Ways To Advertise Your Local Business

‘Local advertising? Hmm… you must be looking for something inexpensive’ – cost effectiveness is the most frequent association with the need to promote a business within a certain geographic area.

“Oh, and certainly, digital advertising is not the case here” – this is another classic misconception about local ads, which is no longer right.

“Word of mouth – what other ads do you need?” – if you’re an owner of a local business, this must sound familiar, but it’s not the best advice.

In this post, we shall try to sort out the how’s of advertising a local business effectively and see some outstanding examples.

1. Ensure proper online presence

Whether a small startup or a huge international corp, you need to be on the Internet, because this has become the first place where people go to find what they need. Well, most of them. So:

  • have a website built, with at least basic information about your business. At most – make it a virtual showroom for clients to get as much info as possible online
  • create your business accounts on social media and work on them
  • if applicable, create a blog and share insights that might be useful for your audience. It will do you a favour by helping to spread the word, plus benefit your reputation as an expert in your industry.
  • use YouTube (Instagram) videos to engage your audience and showcase your services
2. Have your business listed on Google My Business

This is crucial for local businesses, as it’ll let your company show up in Google search results when someone in your area will be looking for services like yours. The Maps will show your physical location, and you can modify the listing to add the necessary details.

3. List your business in business directories

From Google and LinkedIn to smaller local directories, the more places your listing will appear at – the better, as it increases your chances to be spotted by potential consumers.

4. Newspaper ads

Yes, you got it right – even though you’ll be maintaining an active online presence, it doesn’t mean you should neglect good old methods of promotion. People still read newspapers, so communicate your message through them to reach wider audience. You can refer to the press that’s distributed for free, it’s not expensive and will bring you new leads.

5. Radio/local TV ads

Don’t shake your head in denial – we are talking about local stations and channels that might be quite affordable and let everyone in your area know about your awesome company.

6. Doorhangers

You can use print advertising to attract new clients by showing up at their door (or rather, on their doorknobs). Hire someone to distribute the printed materials in the area or do it yourself. This can work for people who haven’t been looking for services like yours, but presenting the opportunity in front of their eyes can be the response to their probably yet unacknowledged need.

7. Transit advertising

There are multiple opportunities of reaching people on the go – from placing your message right on the vehicles or inside bus shelters to playing a video ad inside public transport digital screens. Another chance to get noticed at the favourable time, even for the sake of creating awareness of your business existence.

8. Digital signage/fliers in popular venues

Depending on who your audience are, you can place your commercial materials where they most likely will be seen/heard by the target consumers. LCD screens in trade centers can be a good bet. Similarly, you can distribute promotional fliers at the venues not far from your store/office to stimulate visitors to by.

9. Vehicle wrap advertising

If you own a car, turn it into a mobile billboard by placing a logo and contact info on it. Simple, yet serves as a reminder about your business.

FedEx used this means to remind its customers it’s always ahead.

10. T-shirts, business cards, email signature

Use every means of communication to let people know about your company, like branded T-shirts, or including details into your email signature.  This doesn’t seem intruding or too promotional, but creates awareness.

11. Cross-promotion

Your advertising efforts can get a wider reach if you arrange with relevant businesses to share their promo materials when sending out produce to your clients and vice versa.

Ideas for Inspiration

Above, you can see a short list of quite traditional local advertising techniques. Below, there are unbelievably creative means of sharing the info with the potential customers and making them speak about you.

1. 96.3 Rock Radio – Free Air Guitars

This is an ad promoting the new local radio station – something totally unique and unexpected that immediately caught attention of a crowd of spectators. Extremely effective in terms both of cost and results.

2. Vijay Sales – “Need a New Barbecue?”

This is an ingenious way to remind passers-by it was high time they replaced their old grill, if it resembled that steel grating over a sewer drain.

3. Oldtimer, Austria – Open Wide

A humorous and eye-catching way of using the landscape to attract attention and bring new visitors to the Oldtimer rest stop and buffet.

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